Sports Pool Site using PRV. ESports and Real Sports Tournaments

A friend of mine and I really like playing sports pools. This is where you have a bracket for a tournament, and you fill it out predicting the winners. You get points for each pick that is correct, with picks that make it further getting more points.

Basically, the winner is the one who accumulated the most points by picking the most winners through the brackets.

You would pay an entry fee in prv for each event you wanted to participate in, with the top 3 highest points for correct selections win prv prizes.

Would people be interested in this type of if I can get it done?

It could be done with esports, live sports tournament as they start playing, future NCAA march madness blah blah blah.

If there is interest, I will pursue it since it combined two of my favorite things.

But if no feedback or no interest then I will look for other ideas.

Please take a second and let me know. Even a thumbs up would let me know it’s good. :slight_smile:


I would definitely be down for that, always looking for new ways to gamble lol. The only potential problem I see is gambling and sports betting laws and regulations, but I’m not a lawyer so I don’t know how/if that would apply.


I am not into gambling but I know many people are, especially when it involves sports. If I were you I wouldn’t limit your audience to Incognito users. It would actually be a great way to introduce Incognito to a group of users we would probably not be able to reach in other ways. The Gamble communities, I think that is a thing.

As mentioned above, some laws may apply, but I have no idea about the details. Make sure you have that part covered.


I like this idea.

My thoughts.

  • Offshore server
  • entry fee in several crypto payout only in Incognito
  • make payouts and entries manual so you can keep grasp on everything as it gets going
  • throw disclaimers up that this is just for fun, is offshore ect.

Again, just my thoughts.