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Hi Incognito community,

I came across this interesting substack article on that offers a nice summary on the challenges they are facing , some pros & cons , and some nice insight into the privacy-minded people in the crypto space.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Incognito and it is not inteded to shill another project.

I learnt a lot of the project and I found it to be an interesting read and wanted to share it with other like-minded people who may be interested in a pro-privacy perspective and the challenges faced by other projects.

Here is the link to the full article :-

Here’s a snippet of the first few paragraphs of the article as a teaser…

Staking Secrecy: Towards a Better KYC with Secret.Network

The need for pro-privacy smart contract infrastructure in DeFi-to-real-world lending has never been greater. The Secret Network offers a potential solution

Staking Rewards

7 hr ago

A well-known algostable protocol was recently weighing pros and cons of integrating KYC (Know Your Customer) rules into a module for investors who’d be comfortable sharing their personal information, for the opportunity to invest in real-world asset pools where the law requires KYC disclosure.

“We don’t want to touch anything involving individual KYC,” the protocol rep said.

“Why?” I replied. “Anybody can opt in. If it’s each person’s own choice, who cares? Do you think a lot of your users are, like, tax evaders or something?”

“No, it’s not like that. Imagine if you had a bunch of depositors who wanted to invest in a pool, and shared their KYC info through a firm like Securitize. Then one day, the US government declares that we’re dangerous because we’re an uncontrollable stablecoin. They know Securitize has doxxing info on a bunch of our depositors, since we told them they could invest in this pool through a permissioned investment pool that required doxxing. So the US goes to Securitize and tells them to give up all that info, which they do. The US government indicts and sanctions a bunch of our protocol’s depositors.

“What do you think happens to our stablecoin when a partnership that we endorsed results in a bunch of our depositors getting arrested, or even named? It would destroy our whole brand. Crisis of confidence. Run on the bank. It would be game over.”

… So much more in this article. For the full article read here


Thank you to @Linnovations for sharing the info in the post relating to the Secret network…though yes Incognito is the main focus here on this forum it does not hurt to know what the others in the privacy-oriented blockchain environment are doing these days…once again though it is all about the Incognito blockchain and project here… :100: :partying_face: :sunglasses:

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TBH I still don’t fully understand how SCRT works and what it does. Their webpage and use cases are confusing.

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It’s because it’s a SECRET :joy::joy::joy:


This is the best comment ever. This made my day. :smile::cowboy_hat_face:


This is a link to their site that explains the 101’s of SCRT:

I find it to be outrageously complicated.
If someone just wants to trade some BTC privately, they don’t provide an easy to understand solution to that problem. And they use way too much lingo and jargon to explain the ins and outs of their system. It’s obviously only designed for crypto old-timers and tech nerds, not for your average Joe who just got into crypto and wants to have privacy.

Whereas Incognito, you just download the app, deposit your coins, and you’re trading privately immediately. Much more intuitive.