Some ideas to make Incognito stronger

1- Bridging to Terra chain (or better using Cosmos IBC so other Tendermint chains may be bridged) so that a real decentralized and not seizable stablecoin UST can be used in Incognito. Better than this, Incognito can devise its own algorithmic stable coin.

2- The tokens in the bridges are just waiting to be withdrawn. Instead, a percentage of them may be used in some DeFi platforms to earn an extra gain. This may be governed by PRV holders and the extra money can be used for some promotions, privacy defenders, lawyers, or an insurance fund that makes the assets in the bridges safer etc.


. That’s a great Idea. Please pardon, i will need an urgent withdraw to take care of my mlom medical bill. If possible that could be done today. Kindly advise. Whatever that can be done to make incognito the best and fast growing network couny me in. I am in full support. I need more insight and enlightment about my wallet.

As the app is pretty easy to use it would be neat to make a dent in countries with high inflation and local businesses wanting to dodge visa and Mastercard fees. Brazil is a good example. Since their central bank launched an instant settlement system called pix, people get to use cellphones to pay. As the Brazilian Real is devaluating, incognito could be a great opportunity for Local businesses payments… Even for the remittances.

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