[Solved] Withdrawal not working

I am trying to withdraw some eth but it has been four days and my eth still shows as pending. The app says it shouldn’t take more than three days. Does anyone know why it is taking so long?

Hello if it is a large withdrawal it can take up to 5 days. The app will be updated soon to reflect this.

If you can provide me your transaction ID then I can look into it for you.

6395311 is the id. Thanks :slight_smile:

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I have a small liquidity withdraw that is now up over 6 days. I haven’t said anything because I want to see how long this takes to work itself out but I will message you if it doesn’t resolve in a few more days. I’m not sure what the expected time is but it might be over 5 days.

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You should message support if you have a provide withdrawal that is taking too long. It is possible something got stuck. Withdrawals are automated so we only know if there’s an issue if you tell us.

What is your ID #?


It looks like your withdrawal is in the queue to process sometime later today.


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My DAI provision withdrawal is as well pending since 5 days…

ID: 6395322

Hello @talb0t,

Looking at the withdrawal pool it appears yours should process within a couple of hours.

The app will be updated soon to reflect 5 days as this is the realistic norm for withdrawals.

Hey @Jared,

Alright, thanks for the info.

Why does ETH take so long? Unless something has changed all my my (non ETH) withdrawals have gone though within a few hours.

Funds in provide are allocated different ways depending on how the network can best benefit from them.

Are you referring to withdrawing from provide or unshielding from the network?

Duh… Thanks! I didnt realize they were talking about provide. Thought it was a unshielding… Should have read better.

Hey @Jared,

another withdrawal is pending since the 29th… Could you look after it, please?

ID: 6396161

Thanks in advance

Hello @talb0t,

I checked and it appears 6396161 already was processed. Please refresh your balance by swiping down from the top of your assets screen.

@Support I have a withdrawal pending for more than 5 days now, ID 6369784. Can you provide more information?

Hello @radonm,

Are you sure this is the ID for your withdrawal? According to the provide pool this is a provide not withdrawal and it was already processed.

Oops sorry, I’ve mistyped it. The ID is 6396784, pending since Oct 2

It looks like the bot is un-staking a vNode to cover this amount and will process soon.