[SOLVED] Will PRV be listed on an external exchange?

Are there any plans to be listed on an exchange? Is PRV its own blockchain or is it an erc20? Is there a way for me to hold it in cold storage? Also on the exchange I can’t figure out how to see the orderbook or depth chart.

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Incongito is its own exchange, and the Incognito Chain is its own blockchain, which hosts PRV. Someone else can answer about cold storage. As for whether there are plans to be listed on an exchange, a comment by @Andrey referenced that in Feb.:

You can’t see the order book on the exchange because it doesn’t exist. The DEX uses Automated Market-Making (AMM) algorithms to calculate the price of trades instantly using liquidity pools. You can find more on it here: Incognito pDEX: How it works and how to use it.

The screenshots are a bit outdated thanks to the new interface, but the exchange info is the same.