(Solved) Where are my tokens ?

I have a question, I didn’t make this transaction [ #a0e967cea1dfecebeeb54d09801850a90fd756f21e82b151026287ebc90117b5] :face_with_monocle:and if I did where are my tokens because there not in the pool that it’s saying I put them in I don’t see them anywhere. And if I did put them in a pool then why a. I not able to see like I see everything else that I put in the pool? Something is not right here and I know I didn’t do it so can you explain this asap…! Here is the funny part the amount that’s reading on the blockchain doesn’t even match the amount in this screenshot
Screenshot_20211118-155354_Incognito Wallet|720x1600

Hello @BlackDiamondSC,

I’ve forwarded this to our devs for them to review. Please await their reply.

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Apparently no one seems to know what happened to my tokens, what I would like to know is how do you plan on putting back in my ? Just you wanted to know the value of what you guys so casually misplaced without an explanation Look at the screenshot from #Zerion. So can you guys expedite my inquirywith a valid responsepleaseit’sbeen hour’s nowScreenshot_20211118-194916_Zerion

@BlackDiamondSC please show us the asset history of this token
and history of Liquidity (Power privacy/Add , click history button at bottom)

you can ping me on telegram for quick response https://t.me/khanhj

is this your account payment address?

Can you tell me what exactly are you asking me ?

This is the history and that transactionsisn’t there periodScreenshot_20211119-031035_Incognito Wallet

So can you explain to me what happened to the tokens that should have still been in my wallet but isn’t?

@BlackDiamondSC you were adding BDSCI and PRV into pDEX
you need to remove them (tab Remove)

Listen I don’t know what kind of explanation your given me because it not making any sense you haven’t told what happened to my tokens if I never put all of them in the pool in the first place. You asking me questions but haven’t answered the one I’ve asked. What the hell happened to my tokens?

I’m not removing anything because when I go to remove liquidity it doesn’t show the rest of my tokens so I don’t what the hell your talking but you need to first explain that transactions and secondly put my tokens back in my wallet asap.

I didn’t put all my tokens in there and you still haven’t told me how they got there you steady asking me a bunch of questions like I’m if I was lying and I’m showing you the proof. So at this point I’m getting upset and if you can’t then you need to find someone that can

Cause either yall are going to replace my tokens that I never sent anywhere or you guys need replace the value of what you’ve lost

That what yall took out and said it’s in the liquiditypoolScreenshot_20211119-145930_Incognito Wallet

This is what I put in the liquidity pool and the only thing that can be remove so where is the rest of my tokens for the last damn time? Screenshot_20211119-145838_Incognito Wallet

Dude relax your tone you’re being completely rude and disrespectful. Having a hissy fit ain’t helping anyone.


Listen dude I been relaxed and been asking the same question for 24 hours so unless you here to make the situation worse

Just don’t be rude. Devs are looking into it.

Unless your here to help don’t make it worse I have every right to be upset if my questions aren’t being answered