[SOLVED] What if my server goes down while staking?

I’m using digital ocean and what if a server crashes while staking? Would I loose any coins? Also if it goes down and I restart it would it continue where it was?


@abduraman amoungst others can give you a more technical answer, but I think the short answer is no - your stake is associated against your validator key.

Hope that helps!


You will not lose your coins.
Staking is a blockchain action, it doesn’t depend on the actual status of your Node Virtual.

The stake is tied to your validator key. This also means, should you wish to move from one server to another, there is no need to unstake. Just shutdown the current Node Virtual, start a new one using the same validator key and you are all set.


If a reboot occurs somehow, it starts automatically after the reboot. Therefore, once you start the node with sudo bash run.sh , it will not require any manual task (except bugs which are so rare) until you die or the hardware dies :slight_smile: To my experience, vNode is quite fail-safe.