[SOLVED] What happened to the PRV i was staking

Hey so I used to stake PRV in the staking tab on the app but after one of the recent updates the tab is gone and so are my 50 PRV I would really like to get the PRV back but the staking tab is gone all together and I’d like to know what happened to my PRV.

Hello @MrCryptoMuffin,

Your coins are still on the app. The staking tab is now called Provide instead. Under the provide tab make sure you looking under the pStake wallet account. There you should find your coins that you had previously staked.

Reply back if you can’t find them.


No they aren’t there unfortunately, only the 6 I recently staked from PRV community rewards.

Hey @MrCryptoMuffin, please make sure you check your staked PRV on the right keychain. @Jared’s correct, if you have some PRV staked to the staking tab before the recent app update, please follow these steps to see your funds:

  • On the home screen, tap on 'Provide’ tab
  • At the right upper corner of Provide screen, please tap on the dropdown and select ‘pStake’ keychain.
    Now that you can see your previous staked PRV.

Ok yup that worked thank you so much