[Solved] What happened to my money!!?!???

Okay this is not cool AT ALL

So I had about $400 of BTC.

I wanted to convert this to TRON so I could send it to my wallet.

So I convert BTC to about 700 TRON

Incognito would not allow me to send TRON!!

So I try to convert it to 1INCH

And now it gave me less than $3!!!

What the hell!? What kind of bug is this!?

Where is my money!!?


Please provide the TX IDs for these trades.

The UI doesn’t show the balances in an atomic way so it’s possible your trade hasn’t completed yet.

If it has it’s possible that you experienced very high slippage if the pools used didn’t have much liquidity.

There is no verified TRON token on Incognito, just an unverified private token.


This privately minted token has no official connection to the TRON network.

$400 would convert to ~4000 TRX at current prices. The amount of slippage in that trade should have been a red flag.



I have waited for @xBizzet to delete/correct his post but I think he forgot or didn’t care :slight_smile: As soon as I saw his post, I warned him to delete his post and to revert all trades by checking liquidities (not to scam again :slight_smile: ) via DM. He succeeded in doing that. So no problem. I’ll mark it as Solved.