[Solved] What are the incentives to provide alternative tokens to the pDEX?

On the major currencies (BTC, ETH, XMR and more) you will earn interest using the “Provide” function, which is great obviously.

My question is, what kind of incentives exist for other smaller pairs? For example the recently created QUEST token. Currently there are almost 90 QUEST provided, what does the owners of these QUEST tokens get in return (except feeling good for helping the community)?

Is there a system in place similar to something like Uniswap where you share some fees? I didn’t think there was.

Providing Liquidity through the “Add” functionality still gives you rewards. You earn on transaction fee’s and what not. The only problem would be What is impermanent loss?
But if your not worried about the price of the coin, then there is only upside.

[Edit] Actually reading through this, [Finished] Liquidity rewards program v2
It looks like the rewards distribution is finished, so I’m not quite sure.

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Hey @Pseudonym yep, as a liquidity provider via ADD you will be able to earn trading fee. Collected fee split between all liquidity providers of a particular pair. You will get exact % as equivalent of your share in a particular pool.

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Where can I find more information about this? Like for example how high that fee is?

On default fee is set as zero, since there is no much demand, we make it friendly for users.

In the next Incognito app release, you will see the Fee section. Later we will allow liquidity providers to set up own trading fee.

Unfortunately, there is no documentation about the fee yet, but you can learn about pDEX here ->

Ok, so currently there are no incentives to provide liquidity for these trading pairs since the fee is zero?

Motivation to grow liquidity for the pair you care, it’s also a good motivation ) But yep, right now not such incentive, follow a next release with bringing back trading fee.