[SOLVED] Wallets not loading

Hi Team, is anyone else having trouble when loading a wallet under Assets tab? When I do, several of my wallets just seem to just get stuck loading with the spinning icon spinning and spinning, but no values loading for my tokens. I have tried killing app and rebooting phone and still nothing.


I was having issues with the app loading this morning. Said something about authentication errors. Rebooted the phone and it loaded fine.

Nothing is work. Staking, wallets, trading

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Did you already update to the latest version of app ? Also your phone operating system ?

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Yes, everything is UTD and app and phone have both been restarted multiple times.

Hey, @tien
Could you help @jtmerchant about this problem case. Thank you

@jtmerchant, Incognito Team will be ASAP fix some of this issue. Hope you mind about this problem.

Thank you and sorry for your inconvenience

Может кто то знает как восстановить кошелёк на другом телефоне

I’ve got a similar problem - I see in my account incorrect balances, they still have not been updated after I made trades couple of hours ago. My today’s deposit was revealed also with a delay (in my account; transaction was with regular speed though).

Okay, now my app is down. image

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me also - nothing showing, re-started phone also - iphoneX

How soon can we get this fixed? I had money in crypto I was counting on today and I can’t touch it.

This is a good way to lose faith in the project – no 24hr tech support and funds now = zero !!

i also need to move funds !

The lack of response from any incognito team member on ANY medium is VERY ALARMING and sad.

■■■ guys and gals?

If there is a problem, fill us in.

We can only assume the worst if you don’t communicate.

Everyone in tech is probably sleeping now, this is really not good enough !
how can this whole system just stop and break down, isn’t it decentralised?

I agree this is alarming, especially because the incognito team members are usually very quick in replying. And this was already mentioned 8 hours ago.

From telegram channel:

Mike Wagner:
Issue with the fullnode. Will be fixed in time.

Yep, it will be fixed. And alternatives will come soon, like a web wallet.
The network runs smoothly, I can trade, transfer PRV or shielded coins via the sdk.


What is the sdk? So if the wallet won’t work anymore, can we still access and change the prv coins?

Here are three links to the SDK:

  1. https://sdk-docs.incognito.org/#get-started

  2. Incognito SDK

  3. https://github.com/incognitochain/sdk-v2

Oh… Looks difficult for a coding starter… and also, whats the point making my own wallet, when I can’t change my prv coins nowhere?

what do i do with these ?