[SOLVED] Unstaking vNode error

Hi all,

Since joining Incognito I have been using Google Cloud services for my vNode.

I appreciate more recently some have experienced trouble with this service (due to ‘mining’ related issues etc.) but I have not. All has been running fine.

I have been looking to unstake my vNode and today pressed the button on the app. I got the following error in an orange popup box:

Opps! Something went wrong.
undefined is not an object (evaluating
'T[_].minerInfo') (understand)

Please note - the vNode continues to operate normally whilst this is taking place.

Looks like a bug - can anyone advise?


Update - looks like this:


Further update:

On the Node page of the app, it does say:

Node xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Acc: Acount 0 (unstaking in process)

So mixed messages here - I guess its now unstaking?

Hopefully it is, so if nothing else a bug has been highlighted.

App version is: running on iPhone.



It seems like it went through nonetheless.
Not sure what the error relates to.

Looking to move to a staked pNode :+1:t2:


Hi @ojb34240, how is it going? Did you unstake successfully?

Yes all sorted in the end, thank you. :+1:t2:

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