[SOLVED] Unconfirmed bitcoin transaction

I sent bitcoin to a one time address and it is Unconfirmed.
How long can I send to this one time address for?
How do make it confirm ?
If I increase the fee will it be identified as my fund?
It is over 22 hours now since I sent it

Hi @cryp2space…create a DM to @Support…they should be able to give you a better idea as to what is going on with the transaction… :sunglasses:


One time addresses, can be used … one time. That is, for one transaction only.

When you contact support, by sending the Support account a personal message, include the transaction hash (link) of the sending transaction (external chain), and the details of the shielding transaction (Incognito chain).


Thanks guys for your help problem resolved. It took two days to confirm.
I am very appreciative and I like this community, always ready to help :ok_hand: