[SOLVED] Unable to Withdraw from BTC-07/01

Attempting to unshield my btc from incog wallet. Receiving the “Something went wrong. Please try again.
Please wait until the previous record is processed. (API_ERROR(-1028))”.

My btc address is correct, All of my transactions/trades/etc have completed more than an hour ago, my t’s are all crossed, i’s are all dotted. I just test-unshielded some other asset (comp), which sent out just fine. What is going on with unshielding btc? Is anyone else experiencing this? Please help. Thanks! @Peter hopefully you can work your magic.

@Ducky are you available to help?? Please!


Hey @wpsokw, we will look into it and get back ASAP 'cause it seems to be quite late from us now. Hope you could be patient. I will come back soon.

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Thanks. Looks like changing the wd address worked, but now I have it in pending[0] and the btc is taken from my incog wallet. The funds are not reflected in my receiving wallet either.

It might be processing now. Please wait a bit and update us on the latest status when you can. Many thanks!

Still says Pending[0], and expires in an hour. Please see screenshot: https://prnt.sc/t9ysc3

Hey @wpsokw, please stay calm and let me explain :slight_smile:
Incognito chain is different from other public chains, we can not conduct many transactions in parallel, but they should be processed in turn. That means you need to wait for the previous transactions to complete, then try with the next one, otherwise you will get the error message.

Your BTC is still in your Incognito wallet, right? Please try unshielding again and let me know once it’s done :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the info. so an update: I hadn’t initiated another trxn, but it processed, even tho it says Failed in incog wallet. My receiving wallet has the funds. Took a while, but it’s good. That’s probably what happened: too many trxns at once. Appreciate your help @Ducky


my issue not solved yet :persevere:

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@wpsokw Congrats :slight_smile: Glad to hear it.
Yes please note that do not conduct too many transactions at once, it may get stuck.

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