(Solved) Unable to Upload Coin Icon Needs Devs Attention

I will like to get Developers aware that Mint a Privacy Coin App have a bug that needed to be fixed by the Developers.

I’ve been tried to upload a coin icon of less than 50kb in png format since. But all what it’s displaying is: Sorry, we can not use this file.

Great, Developers, kindly check it out and fix it on time!


I have reached out to the devs and asked them to take a look into this. Please note that other uses (2 recently) have uploaded images to custom coins without issue.

Please email me the file you’re trying to use: [email protected]

Thanks friend @Jared I am grateful!

I just suspected and discovered that the issue is on Android Phone with Windows 10, because I just use a lesser phone with Windows 9 Pie and it uploaded successful.

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