(Solved) Unable to Swap or Buy PRV

I have Bitcoin in my wallet but a low amount of PRV. When I try to Swap or Buy PRV, I get a red error message That my PRV balance is insufficient to cover network fees.

Thank you

How much PRV do you have? You’ll need 0.1 PRV per TX.

Same issue here. I want to conduct a transaction, but I can’t buy prv to conduct a transaction because I don’t have prv. Serious issue.

Please PM me your Incognito wallet address and I can send you some.

Same issue. Can’t buy PRV cuz i don’t already have PRV, but I have plenty of BTC to buy it with

Please send me your wallet address.

I’m having the same problem I cannot seem to buy any PRV here is my address I would be eternally grateful if you could help me with this problem. 12sdkLqcR7zb191sjBXvrH52BbWDyUgunMvWLoMu6x9m1CvaYYrwYr9CoUs53tEymUUU3TCC8GQZovhFNb2dDPKUvAn3ZxtyhyaB4jXJKjGA2y5v7WQtDV4MRpr8gFrTc4b2Pu1qRgYvARFsVicX

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I have same problem. I would be very grateful if you could help me solve it. 12svGjsuQdeuHiKegpXC2taMxUTixkbAeLAXbhkwvqQgaxA1JqQbjXChoZ7KZwVnT5T8bQy78nwjQpNcTVFWWNJRkxW1xGjuEFScKnk1gM7NcT7ZyFWuvUdP8v1LvfAwzSGN8P8iWoNcHZo6q9jk

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I have had a wallet for a while and have various balances e.g. XMR, BTC, USDT etc.
It seems the network fee went up and now I have insufficient PRV to swap to even get more PRV.

e.g I only have 0.00002 PRV

How can I get at least 0.1 PRV in order to make a transaction?
Using Android app.

It seem you can only pay with PRV and cannot take the fee from another coin.

If anyone could drop me the 0.1 that would be much appreciated.
The faucet doesnt seem to work.


Hello @joeyy1,

I’ve sent you 0.2 PRV. Please swap some Crypto into PRV to cover future TX fees.


I shielded today and my money is stuck. I didn’t receive any prv and can’t purchase any. My Address is:


Hello @needprvstuck,

I just sent you 0.2 PRV.


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Hello Jared,

I am having the same issues. I sent you a message with my address.


Having trouble sending BTC because I have no PRV.
But cannot buy/sell/swap or change bitcoin to PRV as I do not have PRV

Please help

Hello @Michmorg,

Please PM me your Incognito wallet address.

Hi there
I’ve got the same problem. I can’t do any trade because I don’t have any PRV coin as a starter and can’t buy it. My incognito wallet address is


I am looking forward to hearing from you asap!

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Hello @Kibang,

I just sent you some PRV. Welcome to Incognito. :sunglasses:


I have the same problem, i cant exchange btc in prv because i have no prv