[SOLVED] tx hash invalid api error in the iPhone app (-80006)

I repeatedly get the API_ERROR(-80006) when providing PRV liquidity in the iPhone app.
The TX goes through and the liquidity is correctly provided, but the error is displayed. I assume there is a timing error in the app interface?

To https://github.com/incognitochain/incognito-wallet/blob/40b272ede381d5d7accd3170b65f0e4516032120/src/services/exception/customError/message.js , it seems no problem. As you said, I think it is a timing problem.

Btw, welcome to the club :slight_smile:

A timing issue can happen due to two fullnodes being involved in the process. The devs were working on solving it and have recently (4 hours before posting this comment) marked it as solved.
Let us know in case you still see the error.


Yes seems to work fine now :slight_smile:

@abduraman: thx :wink: