[Solved] Trouble buying pNodes

Hey guys, I’m having trouble buying pNodes again. I’m trying to use a card I have used multiple times before, and I definitely have enough on it, but once I go to check out, the site tells me that this payment method is not available at this time. I tried earlier, in late December, and the response I got was that the limits for the payment processor had been reached and to try again after Jan. 2. I did, and successfully bought a couple of pNodes. I have more funds now and want to buy more, but I have run into the same problem again. If we’ve reached the limits again, this really needs to be worked on. It’s only the 4th!

No need to tag support in an additional comment, just edit your post.

The limit is set by the payment processor. Not everyone likes/trusts crypto companies. Maybe the option should be removed to make it less confusing and a burden.

So, did we hit that limit again, already? It’s been two days!

Hi @SynthiaNominae, are the billing address and the registered address of your credit card the same when you make the payment?

Yes, it is. I haven’t changed anything about the way I pay. It’s disappointing because I would like to order 8 total this time. I know I have to split the order up into 5 then 3, but still…

If this was the case, simply use another web browser. Or, I suggest you should clear the Internet cache and try again later.

Let me know if you managed to buy more Nodes from your end.

I did, but it was weird. It wouldn’t let me continue to order 5, but it DID let me order 1. Then 2. Then 1, but none after that. So that’s 4 out of 8. I’ll try clearing my cache and see how that works, but it’s odd that it would let me order 1-2 at a time when there are options to order up to 5 at a time.

Alrighty, tried both clearing my cache and using a different browser. Neither worked. I’ll try ordering the other 4 tomorrow. Thanks for being patient with me so far!

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Thanks for your update. We are looking at it, too.

Tried all day yesterday, tried again today, no luck.

Hi @SynthiaNominae, we noticed there is a filter on that site and we have updated it. I believe you can buy multiple Nodes at the same time from now.

Let us know if you have any further questions.

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Heck yeah!! Just ordered 4 more, in one shot! Thank you so much!