[Solved] Transaction Relaying Service Issues

Not yet.

Nope. The app is indicating that the trade/shield/provide functions are not working. Just check the app periodically.

yeah, guess it happened to everyone not just me

Is there an estimated time of completion the devs can give?


seem like the only tx type that can go through now is staking?! https://explorer.incognito.org/txs

Hello Incognito users, the system is back functional. You can now use all Incognito features. All pending shielding and unshielding transactions are automatically processed. Also, other transactions such as swap, send, stake, … can safely be retried. Really apologize for the issue.

What happened?

  • Incognito relaying transaction service was stressed and couldn’t handle traffic after restarting for new deployment that caused transaction drops. We had to identify the issue, optimized the process, and spun up more servers to handle the traffic. That is working fine now and the team is still monitoring the service so please reach out to @support if you still encounter transaction creation failure.

Actions to prevent the similar issue in the future?

  • Add more metrics to our monitoring tool to detect unexpected issues asap.
  • Create a public status page so that users can see what’s happening.
  • Improve fault tolerance and scalability of backend services.

Thank you!


Awesome…big thanks to Dev team for resolving the issue and big thanks to Jared for good communication with the community…great job ladies and gents…I can attest to the fact that my pending transaction shows as completed… :+1: :sunglasses:


Very good job team! Happy to be back in business.