[Solved]Stuck on Pending ...again

Is it just me this is happening to? Everytime I want to withdraw staked PRV this happens… Can you please sort this out:


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You are withdrawing from “Provide” correct?

I think withdrawals from Provide can take up to 3 days per the screen where you do that, see attached image. I have only withdrawn from Provide once, and it was fast, but under the staking pool Provide replaced I actually had it take over 3 days before and nothing was wrong, it went through without the team intervening.



Thanks for the reply. At the same time I also unstaked about 2400 USDC which took about 5 minutes to complete.

I didn’t see any message about it taking 3 days, it’s very frustrating and not ideal for Incognito to gather widespread adoption.


I think they keep a pool of readily available funds and if they have enough available, you get it quickly. I guess for the USDC they did and for the PRV they didn’t.

In the prior version of this when it was a node pool instead of a liquidity pool, the delay made sense, because getting more PRV from the pool meant they had to unstake nodes which takes time.

I don’t know the mechanics of if liquidity can be pulled out quickly or not from their end. Hopefully a team member can answer you as to why the delay is necessary.

I used to add any extra funds I had into the pool immediately, but now I make sure to only put funds in Provide I don’t need quickly and keep anything I could need quickly in my wallet. Obviously some lost earnings there but it saves me stress.

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Yes I agree, the long waits don’t make sense and cause stress for those of us who invest.

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To make a point that’s been made before: unstaking on other networks can take days to weeks. It’s 21 days on COSMOS, for instance. 28 day unbonding period for Polkadot. I don’t think Incognito’s waiting periods are unreasonable by comparison. These periods are important to network stability. Folks are much more likely to hold onto stakes and ride out small market changes.

What is likely causing a lot of the stress is that the timing is probabilistic, or at least non-deterministic on Incognito. Personal accounts of how long the process takes vary wildly, adding confusion.


Yes very much so. I’ve unstaked PRV a few times before and it’s usually been quite quick - hours rather than days.

What is frustrating is that there seems to be no recent word from the Incognito team about time frames - correct me if I’m wrong please.

This leads to frustration and and uncertainty, and is not helpful.

Ok the unstaked amount has now been credited back to me. Time taken approx 30 hours