[SOLVED] Stake withdraw

Hi, I unstaked my prv and it’s been 24h so far for the process. I saw it takes 1-3days…

I saw this update when I clicked on stake and just wanted to ask what happens to the prv which is already in the unstaking process?

Look at picture unstake paused for 9 July please wait. I think you will receive 10 July.


It just cleared into my account now…

All good.

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Mine was already in the unstake process, and that notification on the pause was from the last few hours… that was the reason why I was asking what happens to the ones which are already in the unstaking process.
Not trying to unstake when you obviously can’t due to the message :+1:


Glad to hear it’s clear for you now. We also have a full announcement here: Pool withdrawals and deposits paused till July 8, 06:00 ET .

This thing is happening due to the upgrade to Pool v.2 (coming soon).

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