[SOLVED] Stake withdraw

Hi, I unstaked my prv and it’s been 24h so far for the process. I saw it takes 1-3days…

I saw this update when I clicked on stake and just wanted to ask what happens to the prv which is already in the unstaking process?

Look at picture unstake paused for 9 July please wait. I think you will receive 10 July.


It just cleared into my account now…

All good.

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Mine was already in the unstake process, and that notification on the pause was from the last few hours… that was the reason why I was asking what happens to the ones which are already in the unstaking process.
Not trying to unstake when you obviously can’t due to the message :+1:


Glad to hear it’s clear for you now. We also have a full announcement here: Pool withdrawals and deposits paused till July 8, 06:00 ET .

This thing is happening due to the upgrade to Pool v.2 (coming soon).

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Hi I just reinstalled my app and there’s no stake button to my app. Will this permanently removed

Hi @philipjohn, Stake button has changed to Provide button now. Please read through this topic for further information: Pool :relaxed:

But the one I stake is from the network. I think it’s a node pool not the pDEX liquidity. And when I check my provide. There’s nothing there

This is the one I’m talking about. I left it after staking with this. Is this feature now removed? Because provide is only for pdex

Nope. Provide tab now is the upgrade of the old Node pool, it’s pool version 2. To see your funds which was staked to node pool, please select keychain ‘pStake’ at the upper right corner dropdown of Provide screen.

Thank you

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