(Solved) Slashed pnode is unstaking again after troubleshoot

I have troubleshooted my slashed pnode and have went thru all the steps to reboot node. I have removed the stalling shard. My node was restaked. Node is syncing shard 7 but is in the process of unstaking again.

Hello @Joshuatroutman,

Does it show un-staking via the app or Node Monitor website (monitor.incognito.org)?

Please provide your ValidatorMiningPublicKey.

Pnode 8651-222361 shows unstaking on the app.



According to the Node Monitor website this node is in Sync phase and syncing with the beacon right now.

Go into settings and click ‘Clear History’. Then go back into the power dashboard / screen and it should be updated.

I have cleared history and it still shows that pnode 8651-222361 is unstaking

Please send a screenshot. We are aware of some users pNodes incorrectly displaying in app.

If you check the node monitor (click the 3 dots … at the top right under your node screen) you will see that it is not slashed.

Ok the monitor shows the beacon syncing but my node is showing unstaking on the app… Here is a screenshot

Please follow what the Node Monitor indicates for now.

Ok so the unstaking status is incorrect right

Yes that is correct. The Node Monitor and re-stake queue pool both indicate your pNode is re-staked. Sorry for the confusion.

Appreciate it thanks for ur help

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The monitor is showing both of my pnodes sync state as “Shard Stall” but i dnt see any shards stalling. Here are a few screenshots

Use each pNode’s web interface to restart Docker.
Wait five minutes.
Refresh the Node Monitor page and check each Node’s status.

If the Nodes still aren’t syncing the assigned shard, use each pNode’s web interface to reboot.
Wait five minutes.
Refresh the Node Monitor page and check each Node’s status.

It’s important to wait five minutes. You need to allow time for your pNode to report its status to the Node Monitor server. The Node Monitor will then in turn update the displayed status. This is not instantaneous. Hence wait five minutes.

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Ok thanks i have restarted the docker for both pnodes and now they both are showing a sync state of “shard syncing”

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For both of my nodes the sync state showed “latest” now my sync state shows " beacon syncing" for both pnodes and the assigned shard for each node shows “not syncing”… Is that an issue or is that apart of the process

How long ago did you delete data on this pNode?

Maybe a week ago when i restaked both of my pnodes

Please open a support ticket by messaging @Support.

Can u tell me what my support ticket should consist of? Im not sure if there is a issue or wat the issue is


I went ahead and created one for you. Please follow that ticket for more information. Looks like your pNode has an issue and this needs to be looked into further.