[Solved] Send BTC directly from exchange to shielding adress (are bitcoins lost?)

Hi guys, I really need some help. I send BTC from my exchange wallet directly to the shielding adress. This was the first time using incognito.

No my exchange wallet says the transaction is completed but I cant find my BTC in incognito.

Please help.
Kind regards

Hello @Newhere,

First off don’t worry your funds most likely are not lost.

How much did you transfer? Was it above the minimum amount indicated in the app? (0.0001 BTC)

Can you also provide the Incognito network transaction ID?

How long has it been since you sent the transfer? Shielding can sometimes take a while to show up in your wallet due to the conversion into pBTC.

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Thank you for the answer.

Yes, It was above the minimum amount.

I send money from an external exchange, not from incognito. Was this a mistake?
Where would I find this transaction ID. My App (Incognito) looks like I never deposited anything.

It is 1.5h ago.

It is there. Sorry for being such an inpatient newby.
But I was really afraid the money is lost.

Thanks again @Jared

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I’m glad you have your funds.

Incognito can take a little bit longer to update amounts due to transferring into pCoins (ie, pBTC).

If you need help with anything else don’t hesitate to ask.

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Hi @Newhere, let me clarify a bit about why your shielding took that long.

Depending on the network type (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc), Incognito will need to wait for necessary confirmations to make sure your transaction is irreversible due to chain reorganization. In your case, it was Bitcoin so it needed 6 block confirmations that were about 1h to be processed in Incognito chain.

We know this would make users afraid where there is no progress information for that long time. We will improve it in the next releases.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Thanks, I now understand.

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