(Solved) Rewards never being received


I have two Pnodes and on two occasions now the rewards never arrived to my wallet. Can this issue be looked into?


Look under the assets tab for the transaction(s). Click on them and see the status of them.

You can also go into settings and click Clear Balance Cached.

Sorry I didn’t make myself clear. I can see the transactions history of my wallet and where withdrawals ordinarily appear. These withdrawals do not appear there.

I withdraw the rewards from the Node screen. Then, they should arrive into my assets/wallet. They do not.

Do you understand me?

My nodes were slashed and reinstated into being online. Rewards have not been withdrawing in this fashion since this happened. Maybe it’s connected.

Ah okay. When you go to your pNode withdrawal does the button appear to be stuck?

Can you send your QR code so we can check the backend?

Sorry I didn’t see your reply…

The pNode withdrawal lets me withdraw the crypto and the balance goes to zero, but it vanishes.

Here are two nodes.


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OMG I just located it. They were withdrawing to a different keychain than I expected.

Thanks again Jared for all your support and patience.

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