(Solved) Rewards lowered from ~9 to ~7.3 per epoch

Is this expected?

Can you show a screenshot?

I just checked my nodes - most recent epoch (4811) for me showed earnings of 9.0428.

The same thing :sleepy:
Снимок экрана 2021-12-22 084241

Seems like its a shard specific thing…see shard 3 but shard 1 was ok.

@Jared could you please source an explanation?

It’s probably because of the annual reduction:


It doesn’t make sense when it’s not applied for all shards and the annual change I’m fairly sure already occured recently. The reduction was ~9.90 to 9.0. The reduction in rewards each year is closer to 9% p.a. not a 20% decline.

Shards affected were 3 and 7. Shards 1 and 6 from what I can see on the same epoch earned 9.04.

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This occurs when a shard does not produce all of 350 blocks per epoch. The block reward is calculated per #blocks. Probably the affected shards faced hiccups or something else that prevents producing some blocks.

For example, by reverse engineering (and can be confirmed by incscan’s Shard Blocks page), we can calculate that shard 3 produced 286 (350 / 9.0428 * 7.3893), 285 and 288 blocks at epoch 4810, 4811, 4812 respectively. We can ignore the network fees safely since they are so small.


I thought it was something to do with not validating a the blocks. Thank you!

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