[SOLVED] Redundant pnode in app

As I was trying to troubleshoot my node–it turned out being just a problem on the network side–I inadvertently added a second copy of the same node. Is there any way to remove it? I naively thought hitting “Unstake” would do it, but I now have both copies going through the unstaking process. Should I reinstall the app and go through the pNode installation procedure again?

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Adding a node and unstaking are not related.

You could reinstall the app, be 200% sure you saved the private keys of all the accounts in your wallet that have funds or are used. Especially your node account, but also of the two pdex accounts in case you traded coins.

Without reinstalling:

If you have a Node Virtual, you can hit the three dot menu and remove the redundant Node.
If it is a Node (fka pNode) you will have to tap 7x on the Account tab, after that you will have the same remove option on the Node menu as described for the Node Virtual.

Let me know how it goes.

Thanks Jamie. I reinstalled and that did the trick–I am still getting the Fix It button, but if I understand correctly that’s a relatively minor issue.

However, as I had mistakenly triggered the unstaking procedure, I must now wait for it to complete. Once it does, will I be able to reinstate the funded staking? Or will I have to use my own PRV?

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The Fix it message means the app can’t reach your node, but it has no influence on the connection between the Node and the network.

You could use your own stake and receive 100% of the earnings after that.
If you want to use funded stake again, we will have to take care of that manually.

Okay, no worries. I will make a decision when the unstaking process is complete, and ping someone on the team if I decide to use the funded stake again. Thank you.


Hi Jamie,

I’m having a similar problem with duplicate node entries in my list.

I don’t think I quite follow the instructions though.
What should I be tapping 7x to allow removal option to appear?

@ninjit You can tap on either Account 0 or your Node account
Then get back to the Node screen, tap on this corner

Does this method for removing node accounts still work in the updated app?

My roommate just received his pNode, and ended up with duplicate entries while setting it up, however tapping the accounts number in settings no longer seems to activate the option.

@ninjit This method is not available currently. We are working on a button to help you simply do it. Please wait for my update.