[Solved] Question about unstaking


I’ve never unstaked before, so I have no experience with what the procedure should look like, except for what I’ve read. I unstaked two of my nodes today. One was currently in committee and the other one has 35 epochs to go. The first one unstaked right away and I now have a stake option. The other one is listed as unstaking and node monitor says pending 35, which is what I expected.

So my question is, what happened with the one I unstaked when it was in committee? The node monitor says no role. When do I get the 1750 PRV back on that one?

Ah, now I get it. The unstaking did go through as it was supposed to. What I did not realize was that I had received old v1 PRV coins. Found them under the convert coins function.

If I had gotten a notification about this it would have saved me some headache. But at the moment I get no notifications at all on the iOS app.

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Hello @fredlee,

I’m glad you were able to solve this. The devs are aware notifications are no longer showing up in the app.

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