[Solved] PRV Locked Staking?

I put 25 PRV into Provide Locked Staking, 6 months ago at the 6 month 30% term. It should have been “freed” 5 hours ago (I have a lot more locked, this is just the first term to expire). Is something supposed to happen automatically, or do I have to do something?


Hello @yoo,

Please send a screenshot to @Support so we can look into this. I believe the term is +1 day for the funds to be released. Open a support ticket and we can find out what’s going on.


Also of note is the entry below the one I’m referencing, you cannot see the term expiration. I can see it on an ipad, but on my Google Pixel 5a, I cannot see the date for the bottom entry.

Ah, I believe this has to do with ending in a different time zone. I will ask the devs for clarification.

It’s been 28 hours since the prv locked term expired. What is supposed to happen when the term ends?

@Support any update on this? I saw in another thread about the same problem Jared asked for a TXID. I don’t have a TXID - I don’t see any way to withdraw the original amount or rewards - nothing appears to have changed when the term ended. Is there something I have to do to remove the original 25 PRV & 3.75 earned PRV? How do I get a TXID to post?


Hi @yoo, we’ve investigated why withdrawal function for the locked staking was not enabled when term ended and detected an inappropriate logic in the service. We were working to bring it up asap and the ETA is April 13 (the latest). Maybe we will be able to get it up sooner and will keep you posted. The compensation with the same interest of the locked term for late days will also be counted and paid manually to stakers.
Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.


OK, thank you @duc !

I made a 6month term stake.
Yesterday it was the end of the term and I still can’t claim rewards and my funds.

Hey @lucky12345, I moved your question to this topic and close the previous one 'cause it’s the same issue with what @yoo raised here. This will help us keep track of the progress and update you guys when the fixing work is done.


Hello @yoo and @lucky12345, the service is back up by now. Your locked stakes were moved to non-locked option and continuing earning 21% APY. The rewards for days during the service maintenance were credited to your balance as well. Please help us check your provisions again (make sure you are on app v5.2.3).
Sorry again for the inconvenience, have a nice day!


It appears to be exactly as you say - thank you!


Thanks again for your patience! And allow me to close the ticket, if you need any further assistance, feel free to ping us.

@Support I’m having a similar issue.