[Solved] Provide Withdrawal Unsuccessful

I initiated a Provide withdrawal several days ago. All other withdrawals from the same time span have been marked with the green “Successful” message. There is one that has said “Unsuccessful” in red. On the Provide page, it shows it as -x.xxxx value as if it is still trying to withdraw, but when I click on it in the history page, it says it was unsuccessful. How do I re-initiate the withdrawal?

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Please go to More > Settings > Clear Balance Cached.

Thanks for the reply, but I did that, and no change. Still stuck on -X.XXXX and showing withdrawal unsuccessful.

I also already had this problem, after a few days I was able to withdraw as if nothing had happened

There are things that block at times, but it’s quite rare.
I unshielded from pUSDT(unified) to USDT(Polygon) today, it took almost 5H!
Whereas usually not even 5 min!
Sometimes you have to have a little patience :sweat_smile:

Encouraging. It has been a few days already, but I will keep waiting and hope it resets. Thanks.

Hi, can you DM me the withdrawal ID? I will check, thanks!

I am the one that contacted you through Support earlier. The status now says “Successful.” Thanks.