[Solved] Provide withdrawal nearing a week.

I have two different provide withdraws pending, one for a large amount of ETH and one for a smaller amount of PRV. In a few hours it will hit 6 days since I initiated the withdrawal.

I understand large withdrawals can take over the projected 3 day time frame, but I have a friend who withdrew a similarly large amount and initiated it after I did, and have received it by now.

I’ve tried contacting support through messages, but I’ve gotten no responses past an initial one saying they would check for me 2 days ago.

Hello @bird,

I just looked into your support ticket and it appears the dev who looked into it overlooked it. I believe he was looking into your stuck withdrawals late at night and forgot to message you back.

I have sent him a message asking if he could reply to you via message.

Again sorry for the delay it slipped under the radar.

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Hello Jared,
I had also to initiated a withdrawal of a small ammount (2.7883) of prv (needed some for transactions) however, it did not arrive until now. I then have initiated another small withdrawal (1.1474) which has already arrived.

Also it makes me wonder sometimes tht withdrawals take some moments and sometimes it takes days - what does it depend on? Can I see somewhere if the network is conjested and wait until it’s cleaned?

Not cool funds to get stucked when one transfers larger lots.

Hello @CarsonKnight,

Funds in provide are allocated to different areas as needed on the app. Some are added to liquidity while others are used to spin up nodes (vNodes) on the network (to help process transactions).

Whenever a large withdrawal takes places several vNodes are needed to be un-staked to return these funds. Un-staking a vNode requires waiting for that vNode to be selected into committee and un-staked after. As it is completely random when a node is selected for committee this can make withdrawing large provisions time consuming.

The app should be updated soon to reflect a 5 day (instead of 3) waiting period as recently there have been a lot of withdrawals causing a backlog in the system.

Tank you for the explanation!

So when the withdrawal is marked as “successful” in the provider history, it is safe that the funds will sooner or later arrive in the wallet, right?

Also is there any chance to get a feedback of where the provided resources are allocated (therefore one can know ahead what time horizon to expect for withdrawal)?

My larger withdrawal has succeeded but the smaller one is still pending with no responses still.


If that’s the case then something has gone wrong. Please send a message to the @Support account with your transaction ID.

@bird confirmed in ticket support that all his pending withdrawals went through, so I’m marking this as Solved now.

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