(Solved) Problem with Provide WIthdrawl

I have tried to withdraw some stable coins from Provide and they appear stuck for over 24 hours. Can you help?

Thank you!
@duc @Support

Hello @HiddenBear,

Provide withdraws can take 7 - 10 days to process. The rewards will process faster depending on the amount.

The screen where you perform a withdrawal has a note at the bottom saying “Provision withdrawals may take up to 5-7 days to process.” In my experience withdrawals of PRV take about 1 day. ETH takes much longer … not sure how long to expect for your stable coins but I wouldn’t expect much support until 5-7 days.

In fact, I have a pending withdrawal that has been in process for 12 days! This one might indicate a problem. I am trying to withdraw some ETH and the Provide history screen shows ID 6445834 initiated 12 July is still “pending”.
@Support - can someone take a look and learn anything more about it?

Gotcha. Thanks for the reply. I think I was used to the fast rewards withdrawal. Perhaps it may be a reasonable goal to reduce this time frame? Otherwise, I love Provide!!!

ah, now that is an issue. Sorry about that, I have pinged the devs and provided them with your TXID.

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:white_check_mark: My withdrawal is complete now - not sure if the devs did something, but thanks!

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Hello @HiddenBear, have you received coins from your withdrawal(s). Yesterday we saw your withdrawal(s) in the queue but they need to wait for others to be processed first due to the maintenance.
@f7i2m glad to hear that and sorry for the delay.