[SOLVED] Problem Issuing My Own Token

I have created my own Token on the Incognito pDex.
However when I went to finalize everything, it said that the image filesize was to large.
The image filesize was just slightly under the max of 50kb. I didn’t have a problem uploading.

Now the token is created and in my wallet, but it has no image attached. This makes me sad because I put in all the information I needed to get it verified. Though it currently isn’t verified.

What are my options?

**Unless I miss-read things and have to wait for things to go through.

Update: I have now lost access to these make believe coins, for some reason I thought it was a good idea to remove them from my wallet and try to re-add them. However they don’t show up as a listed coin, so i’m assuming I have to wait.


Hi, what is the token you made?

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It’s called Fringe (FRNG)

Hi…just curious…what is your new coin about?..cool name by the way…:sunglasses:

I was going to give it to people for submitting cool stuff on the forums. Then users would be able to redeem them on my blog for some cool rewards.
More Info Here

Mostly I just wanted to test it out and stuff. See how useful it can really be. In the future I could see people owning stocks via Tokens like these.

Unfortunatly I’m still a little stuck in progressing.

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Hopefully issue can be resolved…as for idea on the token…sounds cool…will check back with you to see how it be coming along

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Any progress on figuring out what the problem is?

It is hard to trace without any screenshots or token ID.
Please re-create your token again and record your process carefully so we can assist.

Damn, I knew I should have taken a screenshot. Unfortunately I can’t create my token again. It says it already exists.

Could I get the whole screen please? “It already exists”

Well I be damned. I tried recreating it last time, and it didn’t work. However, for whatever reason it worked now. You sir are being rewarded 250 Fringe for your help.

One last thing, does it take time to get your coin verified? I entered in all the correct information, or do I have to do something else?

That’s great! I see your coin now. Please remember to save your Coin ID.
Image from iOS (33)

And, it will take time to get your coin verified: Verified Badges for Custom Privacy Coins on Incognito Chain
As Jamie is leaving for a while. You can message me or @annie for support.

Hey congrats…looks like Peter resolved your issue…he is the best…:sunglasses: