(Solved) pNode Unstaking error, Self Funding

@Support Set up node. Unstaked pNode ~1 week ago. 2 hours ago received message “Unstaking Successful”. Received node reward. Node status “offline”. “No node found” on node watcher. Reward disappeared. Power cycled. Now “Unstaking” AGAIN.

Goal was to Unstake so I could stake my own 1750PRV. Read all previous posts about this, no help. Wifi good. Blue light on.

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Step 2 here completely failed. There was never any button to “Stake”. Went from unstaking to offline. How to use 1750 PRV to stake on pNode

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Hi @sjo114, when it shows “offline”, have you tried to power cycle the Node (unplug - plug it again) and refresh the app?
Also, if you can provide your Node ID (it is at the base of your device), it would help us check further.

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Error resolved. Power cycle resulted in moving to “unstaking” as per original post. “Stake” option became available after several hours. Node now successfully staked and Waiting.

Marking subject as (Solved), feel free to remove this title and comment again if any other issues occur.

Hi @sjo114, let me clarify this thing:
1/ The unstaking process may last for many days. When it is done, you will receive a notification “Unstaking Successful” as you had.
2/ The color of the Node is gray. Node is not found on Node watcher because your Node is no longer in the Validator pool.
3/ Rewards/ Earnings of the last cycle are withdrawn automatically to the funder wallet. This process will last about 10 - 15 minutes.
4/ All done. “Stake” button appears, so you can put your own 1750 PRV to stake.

There should have a short period between 2/ and 4/. So the confusion is the gray color (generally indicates the offline status) but the “stake” button does not appear in time.

Glad to know that you were able to self-stake your Node. Have a good day!