(Solved) pnode slashed - no ip

Hello, my pNode has been slashed (I’ve had it for many months and never happened). I don’t know what to do now. It doesn’t show an IP address either.

The public validator key is:

Can anyone help please?

Hello @sharedscars,

Have you followed our slashed node guide?

Hey @Jared and thanks for the quick reply.

My node says “Stake required” but I haven’t unstaken it. Should I still follow the Official pNode Troubleshooting Guide ?

Was your pNode self-staked or staked by Incognito?

If it was staked by us then please provide the QR code (found on the bottom of the pNode) and then we can restake it.

Hey again @Jared. It was staked by you. The code is: ESHB-0GW8GJ

Awesome, I added your pNode to the re-stake queue. It should be re-staked within ~24 hours.

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Thanks again for the quick turnaround!

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