[SOLVED] pNode showing offline and not syncing

It appears my pNode is showing online/waiting in the app, but on Monitor it is showing offline and that the Beacon Shard is stalling. I’ve also noticed that I have a 0 vote count for the last several Epochs that my pNode was selected for.

pNode firmware version: 1.0.6
Docker image: incognitochain/incognito-mainnet:20210516_2

I found this output particularly interesting:

        "RestartCount": 116,
    "State": {
      "Dead": false,
      "Error": "",
      "ExitCode": 3,
      "FinishedAt": "2021-05-16T18:57:50.420840211Z",
      "OOMKilled": false,
      "Paused": false,
      "Pid": 0,
      "Restarting": true,
      "Running": true,
      "StartedAt": "2021-05-16T18:57:49.125712817Z",
      "Status": "restarting"

To me, it looks like the container is having issues starting, and keeps attempting to restart. I’ve checked back on ‘chain-info’ a few times and the number keeps increasing. Please let me know if there’s any other information you require and I’ll be happy to provide it.


Thank you for any help you can provide. :slight_smile:

@Support :wave:t6::black_heart:

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we suggest you clear pNode data and run with new Docker image: incognitochain/incognito-mainnet:20210516_2

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As you can see from my post that is the docker image I am currently running. Is there something else I need to do to clear the data? I have tried doing a power cycle several times and the container continually restarts and fails.

This can now be marked as solve. The API call did the trick. Thank you for your help. :smiley:

What was the API call? Just curious cause I’d have to wipe my pNode data as well.

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This is where I was referred. See the restart-node?delete-data=1 line


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Nice, thanks! What is the qrcode parameter though?

Nvm just realised it’s the ID on the bottom.

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