(Solved) pNode not connecting to network

Does this look good?

Yep, the SSD appears to be in good health.

If you need to shut down the pNode connect via SSH or USB keyboard and type

sudo shutdown -h now

How to connect via ssh?

Fire up PowerShell on Windows or Terminal on Mac/Linux and

Thank you, that works!

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Everything seems to be fine now.

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Holy Smokes… @Jared …awesome tech support…very impressive…thank you for the posting and support of this member… :100: :sunglasses:

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@Jared I am a little concerned about the password for the pNode being publicly available. Is it possible to change the password for my local pNode without affecting functionality?

If so, can you provide instructions for us pNode owners so we can secure our nodes individually?


Majority of all routers have a firewall that will block access to port 22 by default. However, it is possible to change the password. Once you SSH into the pNode run the following:


You will be prompted to enter the current password (Binh!2345) and then enter a new password and confirm it afterwards. Please understand that changing the password requires you to remember your password and if it is lost you will have to disassemble the pNode to reflash the OS.