[SOLVED] Pending trade

Pending trade for almost an hour.

@Brandon_Chacon How are your trade now?

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I also realized, that trades can take really long. If someone is new into this field, they might getting quite nervous.

Does it take so long because we do not have enoght liqudity or takes to process to buy/sell anonmyously so long?

If it is not possible to make the trades faster, it migh be useful to add at least in the “Order history” / “Trade” view an additional line at the bottom e.g. "Information: In order to achieve a maximum of privacy, it might take up to 2 hours to complete your trade.

Hi @Brandon_Chacon
herewith for your kind ref Do Not Panic - Please Wait Patiently


Thank @Trader3 for the useful reference :+1:

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As far as I know, everytime we make a trade, it will generate some Zkp transactions on chain to protect the privacy that might take quite long to complete. The privacy is slow in general.

Liquidity pool does not have an effect on the speed of trading.