[SOLVED] pDEX display glitch

Found a glick while looking at the app today after update in the trade section


Thanks, @Brandon_Thompson. Did you get this glitch for all the trading pairs? If you could let me know your device information, it would be helpful.

Hey guys, just a quick message to show overlaying fonts in trade tab…
Android Version
Keep it up…
Hope the bug section is somewhat the right place to draw your attention to it, even though it’s not a bug… Or is it? :person_in_lotus_position:‍♂

At USD trading tab it looks even worse :rofl:


Thanks, @flurgx. It is reported in this post (pDEX display glitch). I will merge your post and keep you updated.

Ok :grinning::call_me_hand:
Haven’t seen that post before.
Don’t read all the bugs…
Where do I put suggestions?
Putting in max amount in trading window would be so nice (was possible in old version I think)

@flurgx No worries. You can put your suggestion in this category: https://incognito.org/c/community/ideas
Regarding the max amount, I think this post is relevant: Max button subtracts fee

And, the display glitch/ overlaying font is fixed and it will come along with the release tomorrow @Brandon_Thompson @flurgx