[SOLVED] Outdated image

Regarding this, I have noticed that the image version of my node is outdated (see below)

Region capture 7

It works (I mean I earned some PRV last week) but why isn’t my vnode updated? Is it a bug? If not a bug, when will it be updated?

Note this post this morning.

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Thanks for pointing out new reduced version. I missed the post. Now, my nodes are up-to-date. However, to me, my question is not related with this new version.

No problem. I’m only a beginner as I’m sure you can tell but glad it was of some use :slight_smile:

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Hi @abduraman, the image will check for updates itself every hour. If there is a new image, it will be updated automatically.

Next time, please let me know if your image is not self updated.

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Ok but how can I check the number of the latest version? This was by chance.

The latest version will be uploaded here: https://hub.docker.com/r/incognitochain/incognito-mainnet/tags
You can check for it manually.

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