[Solved] Out of PRV to buy PRV

Hi: (I checked the posts. All solutions not working for me) As a new user, I didn’t figure out that you need PRV to do anything, including buying more PRV.
I used up all the air drops in the faucet.
I have USDT and BTC and they must be shielded because I received the air drops in faucet.
So, I’m a bit stuck here. I suppose I could DL another incognito wallet in another phone and send PRV to the problem account but, surely there must be a simpler solution. Can anybody enlighten me before I strangle puppies?

Oh no! Please don’t strangle any puppies.

You can click on keychains and make a new wallet and request PRV from the faucet to this new wallet address. The faucet will allow 2 requests per wallet address.

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Oh Jared, you saved this cute spotted one.
Thanks, I’ll try it.
I’ll update this post

Look for the button that says ‘Create a new keychain in Master’

Yes. That worked perfectly.
Thank you for your fast reply and expert advice.


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But that keychain is linked to empty wallets, you need prv where the transaction is about to take place. After I create a new wallet and get my prv, what’s next. Blank wallet. Should I transfer all my assets to a new wallet?