[Solved] Notifications gone?

Hey @Support,

After cross-pair trading is released, all of the notifications are gone. They are never displayed anymore. I have the latest iOS app. My iOS is the latest and my phone are 8 Plus. And I’ve checked Notifications setting of Incognito app. It is enabled.



I didn’t notice it was timed with cross-pair trading, but I always withdraw earnings from my vnodes on Thursdays, and I did notice no notifications then. So it isn’t just you.

Some of Notifications return back. Unless I’m wrong, deposit and withdrawal are OK. “Balance updated” notifications for Trades still don’t exist.

Btw, there is one more display bug. Today, I withdrew my earnings from a node. 4 notifications are displayed with the same message. I have 3 nodes. Maybe related. FYI @Peter

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Hello again! I wanted to remind you .....when withdrawing from your earnings node, you withdraw not only PRV, but also other transaction fees....every Deposit of all currencies gives you a gentle notification :wink:


Hi @abduraman @Patrick_Cooper We released a hotfix yesterday. It should work normally now.

@abduraman Do you have your Node imported on any other device?

Thanks @zes333 for adding information.


No, all my nodes are on the same device.

Yes, probably the reason was this. I had earnings for 4 different coins (including PRV).

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