[Solved] not able to restore my wallet

hi all, it’s been a while since i haven’t used incognito, because i changed phones. when i tried to restore my wallet from a backup (mnemonic words), i see only 0 balances. i see mentions of v2 in the forum, is there some migration process i have to perform in order to see my balance from before? thanks

The old seed phrase is still supported so it will restore as usual. After that you have to use the ‘Convert v1 to v2’ button in the app for the old wallets and your balances will move over. If you find that the conversion doesn’t work, it’s likely you don’t have PRV in v2 to initiate the conversion so you can get some at https://faucet.incognito.org/


thanks @adrian, that was it. i was also using the wrong words from an old wallet :cold_sweat: