(Solved) Nodes Not Earning


My friend and I are wondering if other people have the problem we have. Since the major update and our nodes being slashed, they are not earning anything. I have had my node for years and it was earning very well until the major update and subsequent slashing.

Any assistance appreciated.


When your node has been slashed you need to restake it.

Please follow the below guide and if any queries tag @Jared


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Both nodes have been restaked. Has not earned since. @Jared

We have restaked them both @SPAddict25 and have yet to earn anything, not even 1 PRV. Before the update, it was earning at least a few PRV per month.

Hello @Ben_Hinders,

Please provide your Validator Mining Public Keys for both nodes.

Mine: 1Tb3PHzdKFYmHmdcwHtpVjeFm3aagWssv4byQeiduwfZp8zhhS2vUCZCWMzgfTM94BhA313YPMY7DqHiN4BBxJAL2dBgt4wDL9DW4Uwv4MGxiFUAp3CtQez3eLKDZBFeLf7KVJzH7CUKA8bFM9L6LX7XiLsJPvtwk9GKUdm315MdPjKM4FcDF

This node is showing as offline as of 20 days ago. I just sent you a PM.