(Solved) Node PRV Stake gone

Hello, community,

I have my node running & I noticed there were no rewards for a long time.
I took a look into it & all the Node PRVs are gone; I put in the max amount into the node to make it run in all its glory. Any assistance in recovering my node’s prv?

My node public key is:

Kind regards,

@alexwhecht, Your node has not been operating correctly for a while now according to the vote count associated with that ValidatorMiningPublicKey you provided. Please read over the following FAQ:

Hi Jared,

Thank you for following up.
Not sure why the node was considered like that, since it was performing well since it was getting rewarded constantly, besides the point, the link for slashing you shared says that the 1750 PRV will be returned, but I don’t seem them any wat around my wallet?

Kind regards,

If you self staked with your own 1750 PRV then the funds were automatically deposited back into your wallet.

It is possible your original stake was v1 coins. From the home screen of the app click Convert v1 coins to v2 and make sure you’re in your wallet you used to stake that node. You should see the PRV there and will need to covert it.

Same happened to me and the original stake does not appear in any wallet


Did you check Convert v1 coins to v2?

If you have then please go into settings and click Clear Balance Cached and then Clear History.

Thanks for the info

Hi Jared,

Thank you for your support.
Node is active again.
Can you check from your end if everything is set up properly?

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According to the Node Monitor (monitor.incognito.org) your node is showing as Offline.

Please message @Support so we can begin troubleshooting what is going on with your node.