[Solved] Node monitor not showing Commitee status

I have a node which shows

If I click on node line to see details then I see it’s actually in a committee:

Phone app also correctly identifies node as being in a committee with cyan dot but my primary monitoring tool is https://monitor.incognito.org/node-monitor and such disinformation could lead to the side effect of doing maintenance of the node while being into a committee because node monitor says the opposite.

I did Ctrl-F5 and drop browser caches. It’s latest Firefox.

Apparently there is the reverse display issue - showing committee but in reality not in committee:

I think more accurately the node monitor just stopped updating. My node happened to be in committee at the time.

Well node monitor data is correct for another node of mine (in committee) at the same time.

None of my 5 nodes has updated on the monitor for a few epochs now.

I’m having a similar issue, in which a node that is actually staked shows up as not staked.

Its validator public key is 1BHp9z85ZJabA4bhxdZPUaqo4ajFQwooYyf7eGicrzuBPt6Wg1xA9YCwgphWthBsRj9F7QnM1guZhNp2hSyERim62xUNqdeMEv3NZqwgB5LTw2t5zW6waAQrSYy9AguTz8WBe4kYuBk7U5jqceYwGn2MEyy2sX9PMvPeYQCxKuuhYgY94cLFE.

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Ive escalated this to the devs. :raised_hands:

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Hey guys, there was an issue with one of our fullnode that the node monitor pointed to, we’ve just switched it to another functional fullnode to get it back up. Could you please help us check your node monitor again?