(Solved) Node monitor down

@Support Is there anywhere you post service outages with ETAs? Planned and unplanned.

Hey @fredlee,

Planned events will be posted here on the forum and also in the app bulletin board.

Not sure how we could post about unplanned events considering they are unplanned. However, if something happens we will of course work on it right away.

Re: Node Monitor site down, I have advised the devs and they will look into it.

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Haha, sorry, I meant posting when you are aware of a service outage and if you have an estimate. Not before they happen. :rofl:

Not sure if we need to report directly or if you have automatic monitoring systems already?

Yes there are systems in place, however, a message to @Support doesn’t hurt either.

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Ok, cool. Just wanted to know if I needed to join the Telegram or follow Twitter or something to be up to date. But then I know this is where I’ll find the info.

Yay, it’s back!

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