[Solved] Node monitor dead?

The page works, but when trying to get nodes it just keeps spinning until “504 Gateway Timeout”. Is it just Cloudflare messing with me or is it the server?


@Support looks like I’m not alone Network issues

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Yep, got similar problem, just gone dead! Still connects but no data!
Probably be fixed soon.

Node monitor shows empty list. Phone app shows spinning wheels on validator screen and no information on monitor screen. Logs no validators appear normal.


Haha, we posted at the same time. Nice to see its not only me.

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I had a power outage last night and thought somehow that caused disconnect from node monitor and phone app both of which are not displaying info on node. Though nodes do appear operational in linux terminals and curl works to display json info of nodes keeping up with blocks. Conclusion: network issues both for node monitor and phone app.

I’m also affected

Hey everyone! Node Monitor is back! Please double check it now.

Further info: The server that Node Monitor runs on was suffering from out of disk issue yesterday. Due to some glitches, our alert system wasn’t working well and didn’t notified devs timely. Sorry for all the inconvenience, validators!

We’ve got the system back up and the tool should be good to go now. Thanks for your notification!


Confirmed–Node monitor and phone app monitor working again. A good exercise for validators to practice their diagnosing skills and learn to use incognito-cli.

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Cheers, monitor works. :+1:

What I am missing is some kind of way to extract what epoch each node will be in committee. From what I’ve seen I cannot get this data from the API?

All good,
Cheers :+1:

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