[Solved] No QUEST tokens received after scanning codes

I did not receive any QUEST tokens for all the quests I did. I reinstalled and I lost all my
orange quests boxes. Now I don’t have any way to get them back.
Is there any way to get them back

If you reinstalled without saving the private key of the account you used while scanning the QR codes, then there is no way to get those tokens back.

Quest tokens are not issued on scanning the QR code, but when the set number of users have also found the QR code.

When it says 30/100 below the quest, and you find the QR code, it will change to 31/100. You only receive the Quest token when 69 more users find that QR code.

Before you do anything, save the private keys of the accounts currently in the app.


I guess I found some clues, because as soon as I scan the Qr scanner goes off and the number at the bottom of the quests increase. Now all the boxes are opened I can’t find my quests.

See if it shows up when you manually add the Quest coin to your coin list in Assets. There is an “Add coin” option at the bottom.

Also, when the number below the chest looks like 173/100 it means the chest is emptied already. You can still scan the QR code, but it won’t result in receiving Quest coins.