[SOLVED] No logo on app anymore after update

There is no longer a logo for the app on android after the update just a black square where the logo used to be.

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Actually that’s the new logo, it’s not a bug. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Are you certain about that?
It looks so odd


Exactly, that is the logo of the Incognito at this moment :slightly_smiling_face: You can see it in the community page, too. @MrCryptoMuffin @flurgx


Interesting. I still have the “old” logo on my android phone but not on my android tablet.Screenshot_20200614-1040541613 Screenshot_20200614-1042341612

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Also you may notice there is n task bar on the second image (fromtablet the first is from phone,both android)

@George_Rudenberg Hi, let’s refresh the Google play on your Android phone, you will see an update available: 3.7.0

I do not understand. The version on tablet is 3.7.1.Tablet is the one with no task bar. Phone is v and no update offered.

Okay. Now the phone looks like the tablet layout. There are 7 icons one below the other no taskbar and it does say version 3.7.1. the tablet version has not changed.

Part of me there are 10 icons I misspoke 10 not 7 just like the picture I uploaded of the tablet is the same on the phone now. The wallet doesn’t perform any better than it did.

I guess it was good now.

Could you please explain the issue you have?

I cannot explain it any better. I do not have staking Rewards. I do not have a task bar at the bottom of the screen. I cannot remove the 7 p r v that I put into the liquidity pool for lack of a pair. Discretion prevents me from saying more.

The task bar is removed from the new update 3.7.0
If you put 7 PRV into the “INVEST” tab, you can withdraw it directly in the Invest tab to your account.
Or, you can switch from your current account to the pDEX account and send it to the account you want.
If you want to use that 7 PRV to stake, just deposit directly as below:
Untitled Untitled1

If you are unable to do it, let’s provide a screen record so we can support further: https://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-screen-record-on-android

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Hi @George_Rudenberg, did you try to “withdraw” your 7 PRV from the “INVEST” tab (tap “Provide” on your screen to access to)?
Image from iOS (52)
Image from iOS (51)

And when I use the withdrawal function he wants to know where from it doesn’t show any 7 prv anywhere based on their physical. As I said the only place it shows up is it a transaction confirmation page

The process is: choosing the token => choosing the destination wallet => confirm the value to withdraw.
Did you get to this screen? Could I have your screenshot of this screen?
Image from iOS (53)

Yes I did. However there’s no 7 prv there to withdraw

No logo (incognito or shield)
Blank in the black

I tried your AZ Video Recorder and both timesI tried to record my steps I ended with a “corrupted video” and an ad for TikTok. I am done with this. Right now 7 PRV is worth about $4 USD. I thank you for taking an interest in my 7 PRV, however, I think we have long passed the point of diminishing returns. . I am not a programmer and I do not want to be one eithe. I have no idea why your flow is not logical to me or why this app works differently than I think it should. I hope as youcontinue to design applications you will consider the user first.


The blank is black and that IS the new logo apparently.